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Get Paid to Socialize (2) - Updated


As most internet users know, Facebook is the No. 1 social networking website today. reported that Facebook owner/founder, Mark Zuckerberg,  is one of the top 10 billionaire bachelors today. So how much does a regular member earn by using Facebook? Answer: 0.

Today, several websites with similar features (or better) are  getting noticed online.  Just like Facebook, registration and participation is free, BUT UNLIKE FACEBOOK, these new websites  share up to 70% of their site's earnings to its members, plus more.

The following are just some of the websites that pay its members for doing the things they're already doing online. All sites listed here offers FREE REGISTRATION and PARTICIPATION. You don't have to buy, sell, pay anything, or refer anyone to earn.  All you need is to spend a certain amount of time online each day to earn.  (^_^)

Note: was removed from the list as it fails to pay International members monthly revenue shares that they originally promised. is now in the "Watch List" of because of many member complaints.


This is my current 2nd most favorite paid social site.  MyPage5 is an online community where you can get paid for your activities.  A new member gets instant bonus of $5.00 if he/she signs-up with a photo.  

You can easily earn $0.50 cents to $1 per day by just posting comments and blogs, it's a better alternative income source compared to PTC sites.. plus MyPage5 is really paying! It's also a good place to promote your other online programs.

How to Earn with 
  • Create blog 4 cents (US) per blog (max. of 400 photos per member per month)
  • Upload Video 2 cents per upload (max of 2 per day)
  • Upload Photo 1 cent per upload
  • Chat Reward 2 cents/day (must be in chat for at least 15 mins), and
  • 1 cent per comment on blogs, profile, photo, video, group, status, etc.
  •  1 cent per comment on comments
Once you accumulated $15.00 , the system will automatically process your payment (it takes 1 month for them to verify).  Payment method is only thru PayPal.

What I don't like: No referral links that you can post in blogs or forums.  You have to send invitations thru emails to get referral sign-ups. Also, it takes 1 month to process payments.

Click HERE to visit the site.

2. - This website has been online since 2005. It is an online community of WRITERS, who can freely write anything that interests him/her most and get to share it to other members on the site. You get rewarded with "Gather" points everytime you share your content and this points can be converted to gift cards (starbucks/amazon/target), or even converted to cash, payable through PayPal.  
Click HERE to visit the site

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