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Get Paid to do Freelance Jobs (12)

Job Description : Freelancer 
Possible Monthly Income : $100 to $300 (and up)
How to Apply : Online
Basic Qualifications : Basic Internet, computer, and English skills. is one of the leading online sites where you can find jobs, or hire a freelancer to do a job for you.  I've been working with Odesk since last year as a freelancer and have not encountered any problems when it comes to payment for my services. 

At Odesk, you have the option of working per hour (get paid $1 to $20 and up/hr. depending on the nature of job assigned to you)  OR you can get paid per project where payment is fix (e.g. $50 for writing 2 short original articles). 

After finishing a job, a 5-7 days allowance is given to the employers to check your work and if everything is fine your Odesk account will be credited.  You can withdraw your Odesk earnings thru PayPal.  Here's my proof of payment for a forum posting job:

Sample Jobs Available at :

Writing and Translation Jobs
  • Technical Writing
  • Website Content
  • Blot and Article Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Translation
  • Creative Writing
  • Other - Writing and Translation
Administrative Support Jobs: 
  • Data Entry
  • Personal Assistant
  • Web Research
  • Email Response Handling
  • Transcription
  • Other - Administrative Support
Customer Service and Support Jobs: 
  • Technical Support
  • Phone Support
  • Order Processing
  • Other - Customer Service
Other jobs available are related to:  Web design and development, web marketing, ecommerce, software development, programming, network and database administration, graphic design, video production, voice talent, animation, advertising,  market research, sales, public relations, accounting, project management, recruiting, and many others.

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To increase your chances of getting a job at odesk,  complete the details of your odesk resume.  Taking the time to do this will help employers in determining which worker is most suitable for the job.  Give detailed descriptions of your skills, instead of just putting  "Computer Literate", you may put "Proficient in the use of MS office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint." instead.

Take  3 to 5 "Odesk Skills Tests" (Basic English, Excel, Word and others), these tests are optional but they give you an edge over other applicants. 

Take note that most employers prefer to hire proven/trusted workers or those with odesk experience, so be patient and don't expect to get hired right away (especially if you're an "odesk newbie")  Just keep on searching and applying for jobs until you get one.

Also, If you're an odesk newbie, try lowering your asking pay rates (or your bids), there are still employers who are willing to hire a newbie, and although they usually offer a much lower rate for the job, you can still take it as an opportunity to get that needed odesk work experience.

And lastly, make a good impression to your employers by working hard, being resourceful, and delivering jobs on time.  This will lead to great feedbacks and more jobs in the future. ^_^
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ethanparker said...

I am new in the freelancing world and want to start my own work. Please tell which sites provide the work at home and I heard too that people doesn’t pay after completion of work. I don’t want to work like this, please tell only reliable freelancing sites.

Find Freelancer

OJP Admin said...

Hello ethanparker, I apologize for the late reply (so very late). I've been busy with my online freelance work.. Anyway, Odesk is still the best paying freelance site. The trick is >> check out the background of the employer/s first. Odesk puts feedback on every employers. Work only with those having good paying track record. ^_^

Unknown said...

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