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Get Paid to Post in Forums (3 ) Updated!

 Note: Updated May 17, 2013
Forum posting has become one of the most popular online part-time job today.  Many forum website owners are choosing to populate their forums faster by paying people to participate in their forums.  Some pays only for a certain period of time or until the forum has enough content to attract visitors or advertisers.  While other forums has adopted "paid to post" program as their regular forum feature.

All forums require registration before allowing an individual to post.  They likewise encourage intelligent posts, or comments that gives substance to the topics being discussed.   

Explore their websites before you register, choose the forum with topics that interests you most and you'll enjoy your time posting while making money (and friends) in the process. 

Benefits of Forum Posting?
  •  Easy to learn the system and earn from it,
  •  No fixed hours - you can work during your spare time,
  • You can work at your own pace,
  • You can meet new friends from all over the world,
  • You get to promote your blogs, website or other online programs via your forum signature and thru direct contact with other forum members,
  • You get to practice/enhance your English writing and communication skills, and
  • You get to improve your forum posting skills - A useful internet marketing skill.

Featured on this page (below) are the top three sites that offer the best paid forum posting programs on the internet today.  All of them are free to join, open to all countries, has been online for more than 2 years, and has been proven to be paying its members since they started doing business.  You can "Google" hundreds of payment proofs uploaded by its members from all around the world.  


Features of the site (What I like about Postloop):
  • Has been online since October 2010 with hundreds of payment proofs uploaded by members all around the world.
  • You earn points per post and each point is equivalent to 5 US Cents.  Average earnings per posts of active members at Postloop is US$ 0.06 to US$ 0.10.  (My posting rate is around 8 US Cents per post.)  As far as I know it has the highest posting rate today as compared to other sites that offer paid forum posting programs.
  • You can request for payout as soon as you reached US$5.00 in earnings (or 100 points).  Once you become familiarize with the system and develop a technique in your posting activities, you can easily make 2-3 dollars an hour.  Meaning you can reached the minimum payout in no time at all. :)
  • Pays thru Paypal within 2 days. (I requested for payout in December 10 and received my payment on December 12.)
  • It's so easy to earn a dollar an hour at Postloop as they have so many participating forums with different topics such as religion, computers, health, finances, cars, internet, etc.  Choose a forum that you like and enjoy posting comments/responses while earning at the same time
  • With a referral program.  Earn 20% referral bonus of all the points made by your referred members.

Click here to visit the site.

Here's a screenshot of Postloop's payment sent to me via Paypal last December 12, 2012: 
(First payment - I was just trying out if the site really pays ^_^)

Here's my 2nd payment (and I'm not even doing it regularly) sent March 29, 2013:

Here's my latest payment sent May 1, 2013: ^_^

Click here to visit / join the site.

 Note: If you're from the Philippines or a Pinoy abroad and would like to learn more about Postloop or about paid forum posting - we invite you to join's Paid Forum Posting Club.  The club is free to join, provides free training, guides, tips on how to earn $2-$3 per hour on forum posting. Learn how to join this club HERE.

Features of the site:
  • This site has been online for more than 2 years now.
  • Earn money for posting, for creating new topics, and for doing tasks available at the site's "Extra Work Section"
  • Rates per post is US$0.01 to $0.02 cents. But it can go higher if your quality is longer and of good quality (i.e. helpful, interesting, and contributes to the topic being discuss).
  • Minimum payout is $9.00 thru PayPal.
  • With referral program (referral links provided). Pays 50 cents for every referred member (after account confirmation of referred member).

 Click here to visit the site.

Features of the site:
  • This site has been online since November of 2006.
  • Gives a "Welcome Bonus" of US$0.50 US cents when you register.
  • Rates per post is US$0.02 cents.
  • Rates per new topics or threads you create = US$0.15 cents.
  • Minimum payout is only $5.00 thru PayPal.
  • With referral program (referral links provided). Pays 50 cents for every referred member provided that said member is active for at least 7 days.
  • Provides free ad space for your Google Adsense ad.
  • You can also find part-time freelance work-at-home projects from time to time.

 Click here to visit the site and know more about their earning program

NOTE: - recently ended its paid forum posting program.  
You may read details here.

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Hello, could you just update info about payments in ITalkMoney. You can get paid not only through LR, but also through PM (PerfectMoney), AP (AlertPay) and even PP (PayPal) thank you in advance.