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Get Paid to Research and Answer Online (5)

If you like learning new things and knows how to research online using the proper keywords, then you can work as an online researcher.  

Currently there are many websites who pay its members to answer questions online, some may require members with expertise in certain fields, but most just want individuals who can research online in order to give accurate answers.  

The following are some of the sites you can join if you're interested in working as a freelance online researcher.  Registration and participation is free.

  • has more than 1.5 million satisfied users according to their website.
  • You can apply here as an "Expert" with knowledge (through experience or research) on topics such as motoring, health, law, relationships, tech gadgets, business and others.
  • You answer questions on your own time and get paid for it.
  • Experts earn 25% of what a customer is offering for an answer and Stage 4 Experts earn up to 50%.
  • Minimum payout is $20 paid every 4th business day of the month via PayPal.

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  • New members here are encouraged to become active in the site first.  Ask and answer at least 2-3 free question everyday and after a week or so simply send an email to "ask @ knowbrainers . com" mentioning your interest to become an approved expert member.
  • Once a qualified approved expert, you will receive promotional benefits.
  • There are no exact details provided on how much you will earn as an expert.

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Earning Opportunity For Bloggers at

  • If you have a blog, you can offer to answer questions from your readers by embedding RSS feeds of your answers in your blog with the unique scrolling widget. Just follow in the simple instructions to copy and paste the code into your sidebar. (Data taken from knowbrainers website).
  • Bloggers must register to be a member first in order to avail of this opportunity.  
Click Here to know more about this feature.

  • is a free question and answer website that uses Google Adsense advertising as a revenue source to pay out members.
  • In order to get paid, you need to create or link your Google Adsense account to your WebAnswers account. Your Google Adsense ID is linked to your answers and will be shown on rotation with other members.  The more quality answers you have the more frequent it will be shown.  Everytime the ads on the question is click and your answer was chosen, you earn money.
  • Just be active in contributing quality answers and you'll receive regular revenues from the site that can help pay for your bills.

Click HERE to visit the site.

  • is another revenue sharing website that gives percentage revenue to members depending on their contribution. You need to create or link your Google Adsense account to maximize earnings here.
  • You participate here by answering questions and/or by writing or adding your existing articles. The more you contribute, the more earnings you'll make.
  • You can also get up-front payments for original articles you submit. 
  • Amount of revenue share depends on the level of the members. The level of the members is determined by the points they made.  
  • Payment mode is via PayPal. No minimum payout amount mentioned in their website.
  • Points are awarded as follows: Original article (exclusively submitted to is worth 60 points; adding existing article = 5 points; adding an answer = 5 points; answer chosen as the best answer = 15 points.

Categories/Levels of Members

1. Beginner - those with 0 to 499 points (revenue share - none)
2. Contributor - those who have earned 500 points (50% revenue share)
3.  Helper - have earned 1,000 points (60% revenue share)
4. Expert - have earned 5,000 points (70% revenue share)
5. Top Expert = have earned 25,000 points (80% revenue share)

Payment per article post is $5 for Expert level and $15 for Top Expert level. No mention on other levels.

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  • is a great site for professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Consultants, etc.) looking for online part-time source of income. 
  • People who ask questions here are paying customers and mostly their question are about legal, medical, car engine problems.
  • You get paid here If your answer was accepted by the person asking the question. 
  • On-going rate per question varies from $9 to $30.
  • Payment is made thru PayPal.
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