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Get Paid To Write Reviews and Articles (14)


(UPDATED MAY 18, 2013)

Even if you're not a professional writer yet, you can still earn by  writing short reviews. is a good place to start if you're new in the field of writing reviews.

You can write reviews on your own blog (see "Get Paid to Blog" section) and you can also sell your reviews at the following sites:

What I like about this site:
  • You can review anything: products, services, stores, restaurants, events, websites, and others.  You will never run out of things to write about which means unlimited earning potential.
  • They are paying up to $4.00 per review (min. of 250 words).  Rates vary everyday.
  • You can get additional earnings of $0.10 per vote on your reviews.
  • You can write (draft) reviews even when you're not online (then send it later).
  • They are not strict when it comes to your style of writing as long as it is "understandable".
  • They have a referral program where 1% commission is given by the site and not deducted from the referred member's earnings
  • Payment is thru paypal. (within 24 hours)
  • You don't even have to register, just have a Gmail account and your preferred "Pen Name" (writing alias) ready.
  • Minimum payout is $30.00 or $50.00, this also depends on the existing rate when you first submitted your review.
 Downside:   Review process takes up to max. of 72 hours or 3 days.
NEW PROGRAM for additional earnings at ReviewStreams:
  • Get paid to answer questions - Current rate is $0.10 per reply.

Reviewstream has been around since 2005 and has known to be legit and paying.  It's a good place to earn while you hone your English skills.  A good part-time job for students and and other individuals who love to write.  They provide useful guides on how to write reviews properly and no complicated registration forms to deal with. You only need a valid gmail and a pen name. ^_^

Click HERE to visit the site


Other "Get Paid to Write Review" Sites:
  • Write reviews about books, music, and DVD (movies and television). You can earn here using your Google Adsense account.
  •  Just like you can review anything here but you get paid here thru the website's monthly income sharing program. You have to accumulate $100 dollars in earnings in order to get paid. Non-US residents get paid in checks (US Dollar currency) issued by a US bank and sent by mail. 
  • Other sites to follow


All sites listed here pay its members to write articles or web content.  Some sites pay per article while others pay through revenue sharing programs.

The "WorldWideWeb" is a lucrative place for writers since all websites need information  to share with its visitors.  Writing website content is a job that you can continuously earn from , and many site owners are willing pay generously for a good article.  


Bukisa is a publishing website where you can register and start writing articles about anything that interests you. You have the option whether to submit written articles, video presentations, audio recordings, and image slideshows.

What I like about this site: 
  • You are entitled to share in the website's profits by publishing articles.
  • A good place for "newbies" as they don't have strict editing rules.
  • Articles are published instantly, you don't have to wait for the website admin to approve your content (unlike in
  • You can add affiliate links on your bukisa website.
  • With referral program.
  • Minimum payout is only $10.00 and payment is thru PayPal.
    • Your articles must have at least 1000 views in order for you to get a share in the site's advertising profits.
    • You have to be consistent in publishing and marketing your articles to meet the 1000 page views needed.

    Click here to visit the site


    Other "Get Paid to Write" Sites:
    • You can write articles about anything.  Every article page here is called a "lens" and you can get royalty for every lens you created.  You have the option to earn money for yourself or your favorite charity.  Minimum amount to request for payout is optional and you can set it to as low as $1. Payment is made thru PayPal.
    • You can also write articles about anything here.  Plus there is the "bookmark" option where you can include your affiliate links.  You can earn here through Google's Adsense Share Revenue Program.
    • This site publish your articles to relevant sites to gain wider audience.  You earn here thru the site's revenue share program.  Articles here require admin approval before publishing and they strictly follow certain editing rules to maintain quality articles being published. Payment is made thru PayPal, check or Western Union Money Transfer. 
    • You can earn here by setting up affiliate accounts with Google, EBay, Kontera, and Amazon.  You decide which products to list in your Ebay and Amazon "capsules".  Most online writers I know says that Hubpages have the best royalty sharing program.
    • This is a good place for aspiring writers.  Writers here are also editors who read and rate every article on the site. Writers here can earn here 3 ways; 1. Upfront payments for contributed work, 2. Daily revenue share, and 3. Writing contests.  Min. payout is $25 paid thru PayPal.
    • (Beta) This is a new publishing website that works similar to and Articles should be at least 300 words long and must be approved by the site admin first before publishing.
    • - Join as a staff writer or as a "guest poster".
    Note: is also a "Get Paid to Write" website but is currently accepting US writers only. 

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