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Get Paid to do Micro-Jobs (3)

For those who are not yet familiar with "Micro-Jobs", it refers to simple online tasks such as social bookmarking, tweeting, sharing in facebook, posting in forums, clicking on ads, and other similar online activity. 

To increase web traffic, some companies or website owners are willing to pay individuals to do said tasks for them. It may sound simple but these micro-jobs are necessary if one wishes to have a significant web presence.

There are several websites who function as "middle-men" between said companies (the so-called "advertisers") and individuals (microjob workers) who are willing to perform these simple tasks for them.  

The following are some of the microjobs sites or "middle-men" that are verified to be paying at the time of this post, I like to refer to them as mini-freelancing job sites.  Again all sites listed here offer FREE registration and participation:

  • This site also gives $1 sign-up bonus that you must also use to create jobs or campaigns .
  • Though pay rates here are better than MinuteWorkers, jobs available are mostly for bloggers with #1-3 Page Ranks.  Though you can still find several simple online tasks to do.
  • Minimum payout is $9 through PayPal, Payza (formerly AlertPay), or MoneyBookers. Payment is processed net 30 days after you request to withdraw.
  • Also offers a referral program where you can earn $1 once your referred worker reaches $25 in earnings.
Here's to give you an example of jobs being offered at

Click HERE to join as my referral or here to register directly. 


  • Minimum payout is only $4 through PayPal and Payza.
  • Payment is processed net 30 days after your withdrawal request.
  • No referral or affiliate program.
Here's to give you an example of jobs being offered at

Click HERE to register 


  • Minimum payout is only $10 via PayPal and Payza.
  • Mandatory clearance period before withdrawal is 10 days.
  • No referral or affiliate program.

Read full details about Chaos2Creative HERE

Just got paid :) - See details and proof of payment HERE.

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Irfan Ahmad said...

hey buddy do you personally use

Blog pad

Piaps said...

I've included rapidworkers here when it was referred to me by a friend a co-odesk worker who have received a payment from rapidworkers several months ago. I was able to register but did not get active on the site. I think they have the lowest minimum payout compared to other micro job sites. I'll update my posts on micro-jobs as soon as I'm not busy with online projects. (I apologize for the late reply).

philbert said...

Who would have thought sites like Fiverr would give birth toa online job phenomenon like microjobs. Though it's been conceptualize before, no one put an effort to make it real. And now, we have more than one of these sites that offers good payment. So nice!