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Get Paid to Blog (10)

Most people started blogging just to share their hobbies, interests, or advocacies, while some bloggers are here to make money.  The usual way to earn from a blog is through Google Adsense, AdBrite, or Bidvertiser.  

If your blog has been up for a few months now, with constant content and good traffic and yet not really meeting your "income" expectation, then maybe you can try "commercial blogging" or writing posts to promote a certain product or business.

Many companies are now starting to noticed the importance of blogs when it comes to internet marketing and these companies are willing to pay bloggers to write (good) reviews about their products or services.  

As a blogger, you can directly approach online companies and offer your services OR, you can try the following websites, who acts as "middle men" between bloggers and online advertisers.

As always, registration and participation is FREE however, they do get commissions (5% to 20%) for every approved post you make.


  • One of the pioneer websites to offer this type of set-up.
  • You get to name your post rate (per post or per word). Usual rates per post is between $5 to $200. 
  • Site's commission is 20%.
  • Minimum amount for payout is $50, payment is through PayPal.
  • Basic Requirements: Your blog must be 90 days old and with 20 pre-existing posts.
 Click here to visit the site.



  • Your blog must be at least 30-days old and with content 
  • Post must stay in your blog permanently.
  • Current payout rate for new accounts is between $4 to $25 per post.
  • Minimum amount for payout varies, payment is through PayPal.
 Click here to visit the site.



  • Get paid to review products and services in your blog.
  • Current payout rate is between $20 to $200 for each completed review.
  • Your blog must have a minimum no. of subscribers or traffic in order to be accepted.
  • If rejected, you can re-apply after a few months and submit your blog again.
  • No minimum amount for payout for PayPal users.
 Click here to visit the site.



  • Get paid by reviewing products and services in your blog.
  • There are two types of review:  1. Free-form - a type of investigative review, and 2. Press Release - where most of the work is done for you.
  • They only charge 5% commission (average prevailing rate is 20%).
  • Just like in, your blog must have a minimum no. of subscribers or traffic in order to be accepted. You can also re-apply after a few months.
  • Minimum amount for payout is $50 and is paid through PayPal.
 Click here to visit the site.

Other "Get Paid to Blog" Sites:

  • - Get paid to blog, you decide your posting rate, minimum is $5.  Payment is every week through PayPal.

  • - Get paid to write reviews in your blog.  Reviews must stay permanently in your blog.  You can sell reviews or negotiate with advertisers for your posting rates.  No minimum amount for payout, bloggers with account balance are automatically paid every two weeks through PayPal. They have an affiliate program that works only for blogger accounts only, if you have a blogger account you can earn up to $175 per advertiser and $90 per blogger referred.


Get paid to blog is also an "earning" opportunity feature in some social networking sites such as,,, Gather.Com, and  Visit the "Get Paid to Socialize" category to know more or Click Here.

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