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Get paid to play online games

Getting paid to play online games is surely a dream income opportunity for those who love to spend long hours playing online games. And I'm not talking about playing online Bingo or Poker games where you get to play with other players with hopes to win a prize.  

I'm talking about "get paid to play" MMORP games (i.e. Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), where a large number of people participate simultaneously online like Travian, Farmville, and Ragnarok. But unlike said games, your virtual earnings in these "get paid to play" games can be converted into cash and withdrawn via Paypal. 

I discovered these online game-related income opportunity while looking for worthwhile programs for my "gamer" son.  Surprisingly, these type of earning programs have been existing for several years now and just like any program type in the same niche, there are games with good earning potential, some are slow, some are time-consuming, and some are just not worth one's precious time.

So after going thru a dozen "get paid to play" games - I was able to weed out these two games as having the most earning potential.  Both games are free to join, no software downloads necessary, with a referral program, and most importantly >> both have good online reputation when it comes to paying its members/players.

Here they are the two games I'm talking about...



Goldentowns is a fun game that is quite similar to Farmville.  Here you get to manage your own town, create/upgrade buildings and roads, produce goods, trade town shares and country bonds, mine gold, and other fun activities.  The graphics are cute and seem to be inspired by the medieval period.

You can mine gold, buy and sell gold, sell products, workers, and referrals using gold, in short - the main "currency" or means of exchange here is gold.  Gold in the game is backed-up by real 24K gold.  Currently each virtual gold costs around 3.5 real euros - when you sell it to traders, and worth 4.75 real Euros - when you buy it from traders.

The objective of the game is for you to "strategize" while developing your town so you can maximize your gold earnings.  So there is no "one way" to play the game as each player has its own tricks and techniques in developing his/her town.

According to the game, if you play well - you will be eventually mining around 10 gold per day.  I see players already mining 3 gold a day (equivalent to around 10 Euros or  14 US$). So 10 gold per day is equivalent to around US$1,400 monthly.  Good extra money for playing online games. :)

Personally, I've already cashed out 13 Euros from the game (see payment proof below).  I got it for selling my 3.75 gold earnings and that gold came from my mining activities, from trading town shares/bonds, and from selling my referrals.

You can request cash out (via authorized gold traders) when you have earned 2 gold OR you can just use that gold to develop your town faster and have more earnings in the future.  I opted to withdraw mine just to test if the program is really legit and paying.

The game was created by Anno1771 Labs - a game development company that has been in the business since 2010 (maybe even earlier).  If you're interested to join just click on the link below and register your free account. 

Click HERE to join GoldenTowns.
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MarketGlory is an economic, political, social and military simulator where you can convert your virtual currency into real Euro money and can be withdrawn via Paypal.  Just like Goldentowns, MarketGlory is a fun strategy game where you can earn money by doing "real life" activities virtually. But unlike Goldentowns, the game setting is inspired by our modern world.

You can earn virtual money here by:
  • By going to work (where you can earn wages), 
  • By fighting (you earn fighting bonus rewards), 
  • By setting up and managing your own business (where you earn profits from sales), 
  • By running for government position (where you can earn salaries)
  • and other similar activities in the game.
Your virtual money earned can be converted to virtual gold - virtual gold can then be converted to virtual Euros.  Your virtual Euro earnings is the actual Euro that you can withdraw and you can request for cash out (via Paypal) when you have 20 Euro earnings.

Lastly, Marketglory was launched in 2011 and has been known to be legit and paying.  A lot of payment proofs has been posted online by its members from all over the world. If you're interested to join just click on the link below and register your free account. 

 Click HERE to join Market Glory
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Paypal Payment Proofs:

From Goldentowns

 From Marketglory

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I've been discovering, studying, and participating in various internet earning programs since 2010 and ever since I started - I have never encountered an online program that's more fun, easy, and worthwhile like these "get paid to play" online games.  And if you are always online and would like to earn extra to help pay the bills - then you should take advantage of this income opportunity from online games.

Thanks for reading my posts and have a nice day!



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