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FREE Internet Skills Training for Filipinos from OJP

About OJP: or OJP is an online support group dedicated to support Filipino online workers, and help new internet users learn how to start their online career.

OJP's mission is to spread awareness among Filipinos everywhere that online jobs or home-based work is a viable option to earn income, enough to sustain oneself and the whole family.

In 2012, as part of its advocacy to help Pinoys obtain online jobs, OJP offered a  total of 4 free internet skills trainings (Blogging, Virtual Assistant, Internet Marketing, and Basic Web Development).  And now for 2013 they are again offering another batch of internet skills training (with online mentors) plus four more new courses.

Here's the complete free online e-courses list and schedule:
  1. Blogging for Fun & Profits (20 Days): April 22, 2013 
  2. Basic Web Development Training (10-Days): May 20, 2013  
  3. Squidoo Writing Project (5-Days): June 10, 2013 
  4. Internet Marketing Basics (5-Days): July 8, 2013  
  5. Basic Affiliate Marketing (10-Days): August 5, 2013
  6. Basic Lessons about Membership Sites (15-Days): Sept. 2, 2013 
  7. Basic Online Selling (10-Days): October 14, 2013   
  8. OJP Virtual Assistants (V.A.) Training (15-Days): Nov. 11, 2013 

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