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OJP PTC Club - Filipino Online Club for Learning & Earning

OJP or just launched another online club where members can learn and earn from PTC (Paid-To-Click) Sites >> THE OJP PTC CLUB

But first let me tell you more about PTC...

PTC is one of the easiest ways to earn money online that's why it attract a lot of new internet users looking for online income. It is considered to be a "user-friendly" system - maybe because you don't have to be "techie" to learn it, you don't have to invest anything to join and participate, and you don't need good English skills to get accepted.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about PTC:

1. What is PTC? PTC stands for Paid To Click because you are literally getting paid to click (and view) online advertisements. 

2. How can I get paid to view online advertisements?  You need to become a member of a PTC site (there are hundreds of them around the internet). Then just view the paid ads they have and you will be paid.

3. What is a PTC site?  It's a membership website where you can join (usually for free) and earn by clicking on paid ads.

4. How much can I earn with PTC?  On the average you earn $.001 to $.01 cents per 3 to 30-second ads view.  In one PTC site you can earn around 2 to 4 US cents per day (around 5 minutes of viewing ads). It seems small but if you join 10 to 20 PTC sites you can earn around $0.50 a day within an hour and that's not bad at all.

5. Why do PTC sites pay its members to view ads?

PTC sites are actually advertising websites that collects payment from companies (advertisers) that want to have their ads shown to the PTC site members. 

Advertisers do this to get more clients or when they want to increase their website traffic statistics.  PTC sites get a portion of the advertiser's payment and shares the rest to its members.

6. How do we get paid?  PTC sites usually pay its members via PayPal, Payza, or other online payment processors.

Engaging in PTC activities is usually the "entry" point of new internet users looking for online jobs.  It's a good way for newbies to gain confidence about working online, gain access to some areas of online marketing and advertising industry, and get paid in the process.


Features/Benefits of Joining the Club:
  • No membership fees - No investment needed.
  • No technical skills required - it's easy to to learn & earn here.
  • Earn on the very day you join.
  • No English fluency needed as long as you can follow instructions.
  • Get paid to do simple online tasks (View internet ads, research online, watch youtube videos, etc.)
  • Paypal withdrawal assistance to members (even with Non-verified paypal accounts.) 
How to Join the Club

You must first join OJP forum.

To join simply send an email to with email subject "I WANT TO JOIN THE PTC CLUB". Remember to include your preferred forum username in your message.

Upon receiving your email, the OJP Forum Admin will send you a reply with additional instructions on how to start.

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