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Get Paid To Do Micro Jobs - Earn $5, $10, or $20 per Micro Job :)

As an online worker, I define "Micro Job" as a small project that you do online within a fixed time period for a fixed payment, or simply "pay per project" jobs.

Small projects such as >> writing a review on a certain product, proofreading a 10-page article, transcribing a 30-minute audio file, creating a company logo, etc. are just a few examples of micro jobs.

And today I'm going to introduce to you a website called (C2C), a new micro jobs site where you can register for free, offer your services (i.e. internet &/or computer skills), and earn extra income. It’s a site that both veteran online workers and internet “newbies” will enjoy using.

Internet newbies will find C2C easy to use and to navigate as the site is very user-friendly. There are simple instructions available to explain the site’s features and processes involving site usage. And these will help you to easily register, create your gig, and promote your personalized C2C profile page, to help you earn more.

Visit their “Terms of Service” (TOS) page and you will find that all explanations are presented in a “readable and understandable” manner.

About (read carefully…)

To earn money here, simply register as a seller, create a gig (i.e. micro job service) and start selling. You can sell your gigs for $3, $5, $10, $15, or $20, depending on the type of service you’re going to offer.

Easy 4-Step Process to Earn

Minimum amount to request payout is only $10.00 and withdrawable via PayPal or Payza (formerly AlertPay).

(Note: No PayPal or AlertPay yet? Click here to sign-up for a free PayPal account or here to open a free Payza account.

There is a 10% site fee (Just like in that will be deducted from your earnings and likewise  a mandatory clearance period of ten (10) days before you can withdraw.

Don’t’ have an idea on what gig/s to offer?

Do you have any computer &/or internet skills? Data encoding or typing skills? Editing or proofreading? Drawing or creating graphic images? Transcribing or translating documents? Able to read, write and understand English? Do you know how to blog?

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Pinterest account? Do you know how to send emails? Are you someone that can communicate via skype or IM chat? Or knows how to participate in forums and online discussions? Do you have any special talent or ability that you can teach to others?

Then BE CREATIVE!  And start earning from your skills and online activities.

Here’s a short list of gig suggestions you can offer at C2C:

•    I will type your 10-page school report for $10.
•    I will set-up your Facebook page & help you get 100 fans for $15. 
•    I will give you a 15-day English tutorial lessons via Skype for $20.
•    I will post your marketing campaign on my Facebook wall for $3.
•    I will write a short article for your blog for $5.
•    I will manage your email account for a week for $15.
•    I will create your company logo for $10.
•    I will teach you how to set-up and maintain your blog for $20.
•    And the list goes on… again be creative!

After exploring several freelance job sites and browsing available jobs, you wouldn’t believe what others are willing to pay for a simple task done.  At for example, I saw jobs that will pay $5 for suggesting a business idea or domain name.

Another oDesk employer posted that he is looking for someone that can send him inspirational emails everyday for 30 days to motivate him and he’s willing to pay up to $3 per hour for that. So who knows if the gig you’re thinking right now will bring you extra money at C2C. And who knows this may even be the start your online business venture right?

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
 ~ Theodore Roosevelt ~

Below are actual gigs being offered by sellers at

Unlike in a freelance job site where employers post projects and workers bid, here at C2C it's in reverse – a seller will post the micro-job (together with the price) and buyers will purchase it to avail of that particular service.

I find this method favorable to sellers/workers as they have the chance to offer their services on their own terms while presenting their specific skills.

Are You Interested?
Register and receive a free e-ebook on Work-atHome Basics from OJP.
(Read details at the end of this post.)

Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to get started with C2C:

Step #1:  

Register for free - click HERE and fill-up the online form. 

•    Provide your email address, preferred "username" and password.
•    Check the box "I agree to the terms of service".
•    Type the "captcha" code inside the the box (at the bottom right side), and
•    Click on the "Submit" button.

Step #2: 
(You have to do this before you can create and post a gig.) 

Complete your registration. Log-in to your email account (the one you provided during the registration) and open the email sent by  Click the link provided to validate your email address. 

Step #3:  

Create a gig. It's simple - just click on "Start Selling" (found on top of the page), select "Create a Gig" and fill-out the online form with the details of your gig. (Helpful instructions are provided while you fill out the form.)

  • Write the title of your gig and select the price.
  • Choose the "Category" for the gig.
  • Write a short description of the service/s you are offering.
  • Write instructions for the buyer and enter your "tags" (i.e. keywords describing your gig.)
  • Enter the number of days it will take for you to complete the gig.
  • Add an image of your product/service,
  • Check "Allow users to order more than one" if applicable), and
  • Click on the "Submit" button and you're done!

You will soon see your gig posted on the homepage of the site together with the other gigs posted by other sellers. To create another gig click on "Seller", select "Create a Gig" and fill out another form.

Step #4:  

Promote your gig. Click on "Profile" then "Settings" and you will see your profile page URL that looks like this (found at the upper part of the page.)

Copy and paste URL to your browser to view your profile page. Your profile page will show all the gigs your are offering and at the bottom of the page you will notice the sharing tools available for you to easily promote your gig on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step #5:  

Log-in to your C2C account regularly. To check for orders &/or create additional gig/s.

Again, you can withdraw your earnings from C2C via PayPal or Payza once your balance reached $10.00. (Note: Click here to sign-up for a free PayPal account or here to open a free Payza account.)

So are you ready to start letting your creative juice flow? (",)

Click on the banner or HERE to join.

Special Gift: A free e-book ("work-at-home" guide) courtesy of (OJP), will be sent to you when you registered with C2C.

To qualify for the free e-book, you must register with (C2C) and create at least one gig. Email your C2C username to and OJP will send your free e-book after checking your C2C profile/username. 

Click HERE to sign-up with C2C and collect your free e-book now. ^_^

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(",) Have a Nice Day!

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